Holm Oak (Quercus Ilex)

Holm Oak (Quercus Ilex)
Holm Oak (Quercus Ilex)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Busy November

Veterans Day parades and programs, hosting my literary group, moderating a book club...leaves me posting a link from another #Tree Tuesday participant...I hope that my readers enjoy it as much as I did.

"Into the Color" by fine art landscape photographer, Jeff Mitchum

On the road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii, there is an amazing stand of Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Deglupta), entertaining with dazzling displays of color. Also known as Rainbow Gum, these amazing trees give a distinctive design separate from the natural world landscapes. As the underlying darker green bark sheds, reds and yellows reveal themselves.

My decision was to focus primarily on the macro parts of the tree. My desire was to bring alive through some macro work the delicate textures of these trees and flood the view finder with potent colors -- giving the viewer a sensory experience of liquid color.
The fresh falling rain deepened the already vibrant colors, and I began my journey. A series of images that I would later decide could be both individual images and/or a format of eight 10 x 10’s bringing to life a panoramic piece. 

An easy piece to name, hope you enjoy "Into The Color."   Also found at Into the Color on G+

Into the Color
A series of photos of rainbow eucalyptus / rainbow gum bark (Eucalyptus Degluptaby  Jeff Mitchum